Climate Change – w/ Dr. Kimberley Rain Miner

A broad ranging interview with one of the world's leading climate scientists, professor, and researcher – Dr. Kimberley Rain Miner talking about Climate Change, protecting the environment, groundbreaking research, and even a National Geographic Mt. Everest expedition.

The Social Cost of Methane

A look at the lesser studied social cost of one of the most potent greenhouse gases & what that cost looks like when applied justly around the world.

Earth Day 2021

A look at 1 year of South of 2 Degrees as well as Earth Day news highlights from around the globe.

The CFC Mystery

A look into where a mystery source of the banned substance CFC-11 under the Montreal Protocol may be coming from.

Climate Coordination

Are we truly coordinating our actions to address anthropogenic Climate Change or are we just a multitude of different actors taking our own path to solve a common problem?

Glacial Lake Outburst Floods

A look at glacial lake outburst floods and a groundbreaking paper applying attribution science to better understand if they are influenced by Climate Change